What All Android App Development Companies Need To Know In 2017

What All Android App Development Companies Need To Know In 2017

August 4th, 2017 At 10:12 am

About 1 million people around the globe use android; this is for their mobile phones, tablets, and other handheld devices. Since its inception in 2005, many android app development companies have been releasing new apps in the market each new day; which means that today, almost all apps being released in the market are compatible with Android. In fact, Android is now the benchmark, any device that’s not compatible with it, or an app that’s incompatible with it, is deemed outdated. Most mobile apps were initially invented to enhance our social life, for entertainment, and so on so forth. If you look at some of the top apps that were downloaded most in 2016, you’ll realize that most of them have to do with making life more convenient (think of Uber, the taxi service), or to basically enhance our entertainment world.

While much is to be expected in 2017, there are some shifts that every mobile app developers must brace up for. It’s not enough that downloading your app is absolutely free; Google and Apple are in a cut-throat competition, each trying to give users the best experience ever. Android App development companies will find themselves increasingly caught up between the two; coming up with an app that’s compatible with both of these operating systems will be the tall task of 2017. However, there are some clear reasons why android, which is the brainchild of Google it expected to dominate;

  • Android has higher portability, compared to Apple OS
  • It also offers the user tools like Java Roots, Android Studio, etc
  • They also test all new versions of any App to ascertain its ‘likeability’ by the user. Besides, Google has a solid reputation for its robust and secure security measures.
  • Android updates all apps constantly, which enables the user to enjoy what developers have recently launched.

In light of the above, it will be for you as an app developer to ensure that you customize your product to make it as user-friendly as possible. That’s all you have to do. When the Pokémon GO App was launched sometime in 2016, it became an instant hit! It earned over $ 10 million daily from downloads in both Apple and Google systems. You just need to be really creative and take advantage of Android’s famed leeway when it comes to customizing your app. Feel free to think outside the box, make use of the flexible UI to develop whatever codes you feel can better your app.

In summary

In 2017, one trend is going to emerge in the world of android app development; we’ll see more simplified and convenient ways for users to download, install, and use their apps. Forget the automatic updates and reminders; Google may very well decide to be the gatekeeper, testing new apps on behalf of users, installing them, and taking the user directly to the real experience. Google knows that most people detest the lengthy download and installation duration, or the annoying ads that pop up during download. You can expect these aspects to be greatly reduced or eliminated altogether, as 2017 ushers in a new phase in the world of mobile development.

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