Learn Steps to Create Serverless Microservice Architecture with AWS Lambda

Serverless Architecture: In serverless architecture, the server won’t run all the time. Server is going to be active only if any requests are going to be there for process and in remaining time server will in sleep mode. As we know in the server architecture monthly subscription is necessary but in serverless architecture, a user has to pay only for the active time of the server.

Microservice Architecture or Microservices:  Microservice is a unique method of developing system in small and single-function modules which interact internally with other modules.

Benefits of Microservice Architecture:

  1. Developers can independently develop and deploy services in Microservice architecture.
  2. All the different modules of the app can be easily built with different latest technologies.
  3. A small team can easily develop a microservice
  4. In case one microservice fails, the other microservice will start to work.

Steps for Creating AWS Account:

Step 1: Visit https://aws.amazon.com/ and click on create a free account

iPhone XS

Step 2: Click on “Create a new AWS account”.

iPhone XS

Step 3: Now you have to fill your email id, password and AWS account name.

iPhone XS

Step 4: After that, Select account type (it depends on you) and enter your professional contact information.

iPhone XS

Step 5: Now the next step is payment. Enter your card detail and billing address and click on secure submit.

Above steps will create your AWS account. For Sign-In go to the “My account” and click on “AWS management console” and enter your login detail.

Steps to Create AWS Lambda Function

Step 1:After successfully Sign-In, go in AWS service tab and search for Lambda and then choose Lambda

Step 2:Click on “Create Function”

Step 3: After that, select any one – Author from scratch, Blueprints or AWS serverless application repository.

Step 4:Now enter name, select latest Node.js version for better performance from runtime drop-down list. Choose the existing role or create new one.

Now click on “newdemofunction” for the creation of a new test event.

You can see your test execution result

Hope the steps will help you to understand for the creation of AWS account and AWS lambda function. Hire AWS developer from iGlobsyn technologies for all Amazon web services help.

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