When, How and Why You Should Use Node.js

In a technology-laden world, where businesses cannot imagine existing without a robust system in place, it gets important for developers to put the right resources in use for the requisite result. Node.js is just the kind of environment that makes businesses relevant and efficient in real time. Enterprises are too much dependent upon analytics and data science, any mishap or delay can lead to future being at stake.

Node.js development services can write server-sidescript in Node.js and help businesses cut onto waiting time and server a greater user experience:

When to Use Node.js?

Looking forward to catering to your clients at an incomparable speed? Want to be the fastest service provider without compromising with the safety? Use Node.js and start leveraging your clients and users a memorable experience.

Use it when:

  • You want to cater to your clients at a faster pace
  • You want to generate dynamic content
  • Gather and change data from Database

Node.js is one of those few JavaScript that uses V8 engine efficiently. The exceptional compilation speed of V8 engine is just incomparable and highly reliable.

Node.js application development service providers are using this State-of-the-Art technology to revolutionize the way small scale businesses and giant enterprises are interacting with their clients. The asynchronous operation of I/O makes Node.js the most preferred JavaScript out there.

How to Use Node.js?

Netflix, eBay, Uber, and LinkedIn all of them use Node.js for catering to their clients with no delay. Netflix and Uber are catering to 2 million people on a daily basis with the front end and back end built with Node.js.

When using Node.js, you can always rely on always share and reuse the code between the two ends of your platform. Use Node.js to cut cost and improve the reliability of your platform.

Here’s why you should use Node.js and how it is different from the contemporary alternatives:

A web server is generally designed to open files requested by users/visitors and leverage the users with the content:

server script written in Node.js

A server script written in Node.js will do the following: 

  • Sends the requested file to the server/system for retrieval
  • Makes the server ready to handle next request and cater to the visitor
  • The server provides the user with the content of the files once the file has been opened and read in background.

Here’s how alternatives of Node.js will process the same request:

  • Sends the requested file to the server/system for retrieval
  • Goes into the waiting mode and keeps the user waiting while the file is processed
  • Processes the data of the file and replies to the user

You see, using Node.js can improve your real time response time and also kill the waiting game for the better. Node.js is the epitome when it comes to running non-blocking and simultaneous programs.

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Node.js has made its presence marked and now it is going to decide the course of the future of online platforms and user experience. Businesses can use Node.js development services to improve their business outcome or they can deny it and face consequences.

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