Significance of E-Scooter App Development: Features and Best Practices

Significance of E-Scooter App Development: Features and Best Practices

July 9th, 2020 At 11:15 am

In the modern technologic era everything is shifting online. Even the transport industry is shifting their ventures online and is grabbing the whole transportation sector.

The well-known transportation apps are Uber, Bird, Lime, Spine, etc. have made a huge place in the on-demand taxi and eScooter genre increasing sustainability in the eco-system. The most popular eScooter sharing bird app raises $275 million in the Series D round and the business now having a total valuation of $548M.

It has been proved very beneficial for them and can prove for your electric scooter sharing business too. This article will guide you and give you ample information about e-scooter app development.

What is an E-scooter app?

E-scooter app is a mobile app that enables the user to rent an electric scooter. As almost every American prefer the electric scooter while going to their daily work, this app is becoming more popular on the streets of the USA cities like California, Chicago, San-Francisco. When you start an electric rental scooter business this app will help you generate revenue.

How Does an e-scooter App Work?

The working of the e-scooter app is very simple and easy 5 step process

1. Scanning for the e-scooter app

The map feature helps you to scan the nearby scooters and grab one when you find one around you.

2. Scan QR code

User can scan the QR code with his mobile itself and by sharing the QR code he will share his information on the server and an anti-theft system will be enabled.

3. Unlocking the ride 

By scanning the QR code the e-scooter will unlock and the user can access it to take away where he wants.

4. Push-Notification 

The push notification feature in the scooter will keep the user updated with navigation and other ride details.

5. Ending the ride 

Ending the When your ride is over you can end it on the app and after successful payment, you can leave the scooter at your drop place and get to your work.

Benefits of the electric scooter business and app

There are 7 amazing benefits of the e-scooter app which will help you to get clear about it.

  1. Cost-Effective – It is a cost-effective option as these scooters use efficient rechargeable batteries without the expensive oils and sustainable energy which saves a lot on money for you.
  2. Easily Accessible – These electric scooters are easily accessible from anywhere and can be used comfortably and easily, which refrains traffic complications.
  3. Time Saver – These e-vehicles save your lots of time by saving you from traffic. As the cabs and other transport get congested in the traffic they eat away a lot of time and get you late to your destination.
  4. Fitness-oriented – As you have to work to move the scooter you don’t have a chance to sit and relax which rids away your laziness.
  5. Low-maintenance – When you own cars you need to spend a lot on service and maintenance. But, for the e-scooters, they need only the battery to be recharged and cleaned, savings a lot for you.
  6. License-free – You don’t need any license to drive an e-scooter to be free to drive it without any hassle.
  7. Easily Parkable – Minimum parking space is required to park this e-vehicle so there is no question for the parking space.

E-Scooter Mobile App Features

This will give you a brief idea about the essential features of the e-scooter app.

  • Integrated map feature – This feature will help the user to know the exact location of the electric vehicle and can reach there quickly.
  • Real-time tracking – The real-time tracking feature will help the user to know and share his current location with his friends and ensure a safety resolution.
  • Anti-theft with QR/Barcode – To solve the missing bike cases it has the amazing feature of the barcode which will collect some personal information of the user and use it for its security purpose.
  • Integrated payment gateway – With an integrated payment gateway system, the will can provide a great sense of convenience to the user by allowing them to pay online via various payment options.
  • Smart lock – The in-app smart lock feature will help the user to lock the scooter with the app and it can only be unlocked with the app itself providing a security stand to the user.

Want to Make an eScooter App like Bird?


We hope this article will help you to know better about e-scooter app development. Due to an increase in competition in the online transport industry many transport services are shifting online and have proved very profitable for them.

If you are too thinking to create an app like a bird e-scooter or uber e-scooter you can hire a professional e-scooter app developer from a recognized electric scooter app development company that will guide to make the better app and propel your business higher.

Connect to our expert to get eScooter app development cost detail and guide to launch Android and iOS apps for your ebike business.


By Gaurav Singh

Mr. Gaurav is the founder and CEO of iGlobsyn Technologies. Being the founder of the company, he takes care of business development activities and maintains relations with clients. His vision, long term planning, and sharp knowledge of the latest technologies made iGlobsyn the fastest growing mobile app development company.

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