How Much Does it Cost to Develop E-Commerce and Chat App?

The digital storm of mobile commerce and peer-to-peer connectivity in real time has led to an outbound increase in the number of e-commerce and chatting mobile applications available to the users. It is a fact worth noting that last five years have seen a comfortable increase of about 150% in the number and frequency of e-commerce and chatting applications available on different mobile app stores. The world is driven by notion that the business can be promoted through chat applications or it can be incentivized through e-commerce consumer reach. Mentioning this, we hope to have given you a sufficient incentive to look for an e-commerce mobile app developer around.

Here is how much it will cost you to increase the reach of your business riding the wave of digitization.

What Really Matters?


Estimating the cost of e-commerce or chat mobile app development is not a rocket science but it certainly takes numerous factors into account. You should know that no platform is bigger, better or attributed to any other notion but they are really compared in terms of difficulty to program and design applications within each one of them. Popularity plays another great role when it comes to supply and demand phenomenon. This can introduce a considerable inflation factor while looking for rare skill in any of the major development platforms like android, iOS or even the Windows.

“The seldom we find a skill, the costlier it gets.”

App Structure & Design

The number of screens, several micro services deployed in different sections constitute a simple looking application and complex applications with numerous underlying, overlapping functionalities. For instance, application with 3 to 4 screens will cost you much lesser than a full-fledged application which has a real-time communication complaint, a help Centre and the real time e-commerce cart. All this might look really simple and a common trait in all applications but they should be considered because they have the potential to increase your overall e-commerce application development cost by about 20 to 30%.

App Structure & Design

Extra, ‘Premium’ features

That makes it pretty obvious for the sales minds to gauge the amount of money you are expected to make out of a business app. Inclusion of M commerce abilities and mobile wallet might increase your overall costs by another 25%. Kindly understand that it is not just a simple hype but please really, looking features takes a lot of time and hard work.

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