PHP Trends 2020: 5 Best Framework For Web Development

PHP Trends 2020: 5 Best Framework For Web Development

January 17th, 2019 At 3:09 pm

Web development has reached new heights. An array of scripting languages is available to undertake web development tasks successfully. However, out of all these scripting languages, PHP has proven to be a winner. A big reason behind the PHP trends or success of PHP language is the ability to handle complex web-apps in an easy and secure way.

Why Choose PHP?

Probably you would be thinking that PHP is not a thing of the past. But well that’s not true. PHP is still growing in popularity. There are a number of Web Development Company actively focusing on PHP Website Design and Development. They claim that PHP Website Design and Development is easy, reliable, secure, and scalable. Thus, making it a great option. Would you believe, even Facebook uses PHP to maintain and create its internal systems?

Best PHP Frameworks

PHP has a number of frameworks to choose from like Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii 2, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend, Slim, etc. Now how do you go about and select which one is the best? Here are some latest trends in PHP development and points checked while picking up the best framework in the initial stages of the project. First comes the development cost, framework popularity, third-party integrations and company experience on the framework are the top few.

1. Laravel:

The top on any list would be Laravel. An open-source PHP framework capable of offering robust web solutions. You might be wondering, what’s so great about this framework. Here are a few points that make it our top pick in PHP frameworks:

  • This open-source framework is free of cost.
  • Blade a template engine, enables you, undertake different tasks like authentication, routing, catching, queuing, etc.
  • MVC Pattern architecture allows you to pump up the development process and improve performance.
  • Artisan a command-line tool performs the most tedious and duplicative tasks.
  • Laravel uses Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm to encrypt passwords and provide better security to you.
  • Unit Testing helps you to run multiple tests. It also ensures that the new changes won’t affect any other thing in the web application.
  • Laravel actively supports Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, and SQLite database systems.

So hiring Laravel developers for your next project web solutions can be the best.

2. Phalcon:

Phalcon framework has been more recent, like two years old and has gained a lot of popularity. The framework makes use of the C & C++ language. It has been designed and developed by full-stack developers. There are a lot of benefits of using this framework. Some of the common ones are that this framework can be easily installed and is highly extensible. Other than this technically the framework has some great features. Here are a few points has made Phalcon gain popularity:

  • Phalcon makes use of an MVC architecture, which makes the development process easy.
  • Phalcon is also very light on resources.
  • It has less installation hassles as there are no files added while installation. You can add modules and libraries as per your needs.
  • Phalcon shows the lowest memory along with the highest performance benchmark.
  • Phalcon’s boasts about being high on performance and low resource overhead.
  • Phalcon is loaded with exceptional features such as universal autoloader, translation, asset management, security and much more.

3. Codeigniter:

Unlike its counterparts, it is one of the oldest and most powerful frameworks. And also, unlike most of the frameworks, it doesn’t rely on MVC architecture. So, what is so great about the framework:

  • Codeigniter can be easily installed and needs a nominal user configuration.
  • The framework works great on both dedicated and shared hosting platforms.
  • It has great speed and works excellent with database activities.
  • It is great for beginners because it’s well documented.
  • Controller classes are a must in this framework. Whereas, the models and views are optional.
  • It works great with standard databases such as MySQL and normal web hosting services well.

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4. CakePHP:

CakePHP is a popular choice amongst PHP developers because of its speed, security, and reliability. And, moreover, a great developers community make it easy for beginners to get the hang of the framework. Here are some features that make CakePHP a great choice:

  • It has been built on lines of a modern framework, supporting PHP 5.5+.
  • It offers some of the best features such as XSS, good documentation, CSRF protection, SRF, SQL injection prevention, and form validation.
  • It makes testing easy to check the critical points of your web application.
  • It uses a great scaffolding system.
  • The framework uses a Zero-configuration process, which allows you not to specify the library location or site URL.

5. Zend:
Zend Framework

Zend is also known as a glue framework due to its component-based features. It lets you focus only on the functions and components you need while ignoring everything else. Due to this ability and object-oriented nature, you can reuse the written code a number of times. Zend framework is written in PHP 5. Now, you would be thinking about what makes Zend, so special. Here are a few points that make it a great framework:

  • A large community of developers guides the Zend framework.
  • The framework has a big house of tools and libraries, which increases its usability.
  • Zend is easy to integrate with external libraries.
  • The framework uses a PHP object-oriented framework with an MVC architecture.
  • The editor easily supports technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


6. Symfony

Symfony is another mature and most used PHP framework. This framework was released in 2005. When it comes to developing a web application, the Symfony framework is the first choice for PHP developers. Here are some important points that make it so helpful and awesome framework.

  • It is a set of reusable PHP bundles and components, allow the developer to create high-performing and scalable applications.
  • Symfony is the most feature-rich and high flexibility framework.
  • This PHP framework is a well-tested and stable framework with regular updates.
  • Symfony has a large active community in comparison to other PHP frameworks.

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