Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is designed in such a way that we really care about your personal details that you share with us. We ensure that none of your personal details are shared with the third party; however, we will just use it to make sure that users enjoy the good website experience. Being a leading consulting & outsourcing company, we believe that the visitors are the meaning of our victory, which is why we respect their privacy and protect the sensitive personal details with the utmost care. While going through our official website, you will be asked to register with our site. So, you will have to provide some personal details like User name, contact address, active contact Number, age, educational qualification, etc. Just like the way corporate company stores user’s personal details, we access your personal details and store it in our database. We have the rights to review your personal details as and when required. So, users can access our discounts, offers and subscription idea by updating your details constantly. We are providing move out option, which let you remove the link of the websites that extract your details. We use cookies to access the user’s basic personal details and the type of data you browse over the internet. However, we let you choose the options to accept or reject the usage of cookies on your web browser.

Privacy Policy Updates

Being a leading corporate company, we deserve full rights to change our privacy policy as per the requirements of our company. So, in order to get updated with our terms and conditions, we highly recommend you to visit our official website to remain up-to-date about our privacy policy changes. We always open to hearing your feedback, suggestions about our website, products, and services. We respect your feedback, which is valuable for us.


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