Real Estate App Development: Benefits and Key Features

Real Estate App Development: Benefits and Key Features

July 8th, 2020 At 6:27 am

Real estate has always been a saturated market and due to that many big companies and real estate agencies are investing billions of dollars in it.

According to a report, the overall equity funding in the real estate sector was up 84 percent year-over-year in 2018.

Due to an increase in real estate investment, these companies are leveraging high-end technology to win this fight and make dominance in this field.

One of the best ways out of it is making a Real estate app by hiring Real Estate app development company and capturing the real-estate market logically and rapidly, targeting qualitative customers.

As more than 44% of the home buyers screen the property online before buying it. So, to capture the customers becomes an important aspect, this blog will guide about how will the real estate mobile app will grow more customers and benefit you in several ways.

Benefits of Having Real Estate App for Real Estate Agencies

Having a mobile app for business is now necessary and beneficial. Here are the top 7 ways how will the real estate app will benefit you in several ways.

#1. Customer loyalty 

As a far-sighted entrepreneur, everyone knows the different features in the mobile app which increases customer loyalty. Running those loyalty programs will help to retain your customers and achieve good results.

#2. Grab the potential users

This app will help you to get potential users with the help of app advertisement and these customers will turn to as your potential buyer in the future, as you will be able to know their requirements better.

#3. Enhanced Marketing 

This app has advanced marketing tools which will help you to target him in his way through ads by sending relevant ads.

#4. Analytics

As the owner of the mobile app, you will get a chance to get user data which will help you to reach them out personally and resolve their problem.

#5. Less marketing cost

Maintaining the interest of current customers with apps and internal marketing activities will be easy. It can help you save a lot on your marketing budget.

#6. Brand recognition

you can increase brand recognition with the help of the internet, apps, etc. with extensively creative logos, colors, etc.

#7. Internal Business Optimization

This app will simplify some organizational tasks for you which were difficult before the app development but management of these tasks will become very easy after creating and launching your own real estate mobile app.

Get a Mobile App for Your Real Estate Business

Real Estate Mobile App Features

These are the top 8 features of the top real estate app development which will propel your app to the skies.

1. User account – User account is the foremost part of the app development. Whenever the user enters the data with the help of this data developer can provide him with the personalized solution according to his requirements that will help the user to get a better experience.

2. Attractive catalog – The attractive catalog will have descriptive images which will help the user give a detailed guide of the property cards and rough idea about the project.

3. Geo-location – The geolocation feature is a very helpful feature that will help the user to know about the property according to the location which he is looking for and no unwanted locations.

4. Search and sort filters – The search and sort filters will show the properties according to the user’s preference which will be categorized accordingly like price, location, amenities, etc.

5. Displaying On-demand properties – Showing the on-demand properties will give the user a brief idea about what property he should buy and which are in the latest trend helping him to choose wisely.

6. Feedback and ratings – The feedback and rating feature is very important for any app helping the developer to know about its bugs and further improvisation for the app.

7. Push notifications – The push notification feature is a boon for any mobile app. This feature will help the user to stay updated about the daily information about the properties and other related things.

8. Virtual tours and video walkthroughs – Everyone wants should examine the properties before buying, what about giving a virtual tour of the house. Providing a virtual walkthrough of the home that is the short recorded videos, taking panorama of the house will help the user to get a guide about the home and can access 360 views without being physically present at the location.

Final words

After reading the app you must have understood the importance of making a real estate app. If you are too willing to make your app or the app like Zillow and Redfin you should start with a proper approach. Get the guidance of a professional real estate app developer from a top real estate app development company that will help you to build the best mobile app for your real estate agency.


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