Reasons Why Flutter is the Future of Mobile App Development

Reasons Why Flutter is the Future of Mobile App Development

August 10th, 2019 At 6:44 am

Mobile app development companies these days focus on working with cross-platform solutions when they are looking to develop unique and powerful apps. Among the various frameworks and application development platforms that have simplified the process of creating apps, one that deserves special mention is Flutter.

Flutter is a mobile app development SDK that has been crafted by Google. It comes with a complete and smart framework, tools, widgets and other features that can be used by professional developers to come up with visually attractive, light and user-friendly mobile apps for Android as well as iOS mobile platforms. By offering a single codebase to create apps for both iOS and Android, Flutter simplifies the whole process of app development. Currently, Flutter mobile app development is in vogue and you will find many developers who are skilled in offering such services.

Unique Features of Flutter that you Must Know

There are a number of distinct features of Flutter that make it totally one of a kind. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Flutter is an open-source and free program which means that it can help you to get great apps at affordable prices.
  • Flutter offers endless scopes of customizing the looks and features of apps with its own set of widgets.
  • Flutter is based on an object-oriented programming language called Dart which offers the opportunity to create top-quality apps in a short time.
  • Apps made by Flutter not only look stunning but they also look great and deliver excellent user experience.

Flutter Features

Here are some of the reasons as to why you should contemplate using Flutter for your future flutter mobile app development requirements.

1. Quicker code writing

When you choose to go with Flutter, you can benefit from enhanced and superior quality mobile app development solutions that can enhance your business prospects. The Flutter app developer you hire for your project can make small changes in your app which can help in enhancing its performance at the end of the day. You can also fix bugs and implement new features much more easily and quickly when you use Flutter. Another benefit of using Flutter is that it ensures better developer-designer cooperation for projects where you may want to enhance the aesthetic elements of the app. Flutter helps you to actively work on the UI and test multiple ideas before you go ahead with the final concept. This not only helps you to achieve better animation results but also ensures optimum results.

2. Less Testing

By choosing to hire Flutter developer and work on an app development project, you can actually get better end products with fewer tests. When you have the same application for two different platforms, it naturally reduces the need to carry out extensive testing. This can quicken the procedure of Quality Assurance and save on time. The single codebase offered by Flutter can necessitate the running of automatic tests for only a single time. Quality Assurance specialists also have much less work to handle as they need to evaluate only a single app.

3. Smooth performance on both platforms

Android and iOS are currently the two major platforms for smartphones across the world and by using Flutter for your mobile app development needs, you can create apps that seamlessly run on both platforms. Since Flutter comes with its own range of designs and widgets, it does not actually depend on the specific platform for which you are looking to develop the app. You can run the same mobile app on both platforms and also differentiate the apps if you want them to.

4. The same User Interface for older and newer OS versions

One of the best things about using Flutter is that you get to keep the same User Interface for both older as well as newer OS versions. This actually makes it easier for your target audience to use your apps as they do not need to get themselves adjusted to newer UIs every now and then.

Wrapping up

Learning about the benefits of Flutter and flutter future scope can help you to make up your mind when you want to have your own application developed by a team of flutter experts. A Flutter app development company can deliver you the state of the art technologies that can ensure optimum success for your business.

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