Restaurant App Development: 7 Must Have Features for a Restaurant App

Restaurant App Development: 7 Must Have Features for a Restaurant App

May 15th, 2020 At 8:02 am

The restaurant apps are becoming more popular from the year 2018 and after the online food ordering revolution, many restaurant owners are planning to shift their restaurant business online and increase their revenue by launching an app with a restaurant app development company.

Making an app for the restaurant will help you to keep your customers updated about the events and other upcoming interesting things about their restaurant which will result in a positive slope of their food ordering mobile app, adding more customers, generating more revenue, and many more.

But for that, you will require an app with some amazing restaurant app features which will help to grow effectively.

Benefits of Restaurant app Development for Restaurant Owners

  • Better brand entity and brand image
  • Diving a huge customer base through loyalty programs and non-deniable offers
  • Increased customer convenience and comfort level
  • Considerable increase in the online restaurant business and expected huge growth in future years.
  • Increase advertising opportunities

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Must-have Features for Your Restaurant App

1. Customer loyalty programs

Customers are the base of any business and keeping them engaged in your service is also a very crucial task for any enterprise. Launching the customer loyalty programs has always been proved beneficial for the campaigns and making a better brand image.

The customer loyalty program makes the relationships better between the user and the restaurants. As the customer himself feels the requirement of the loyalty program because after being loyal to you, your customer deserves it the most.


2. Accepting online orders

Online ordering has become essential for any restaurant app. This feature will increase your customer’s convenience level. Ordering food at just a tap of the smartphone is the most used feature in all the successful restaurant apps.

Due to the busy schedules of the customer nearly 69% of people prefer to order the food online. Instead of going out and wasting their time in standing on long queue also there are more chances of the customer ordering the food online to visit the same restaurant when he is out.


3. Using location services

Now every mobile has the location feature enabled so why not use it? Using the location services helps you to make the search for the quality audience and reach them out more precisely which results in improving your marketing campaigns with the help of local marketing techniques like giving ads in local newspapers, distribute pamphlets, etc.

This is a traditional way of marketing but still useful in grabbing the customer’s attention towards your business.


4. Social media support

In the world of digitalization social media becomes the backbone to promote the app. Increased filter options and advanced marketing tools of social media help to promote your app and improving the result by 27%.

By the use of social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. and its variety of tools help you to target the audience of your niche and providing you the best and qualitative results.

An influencer can also give the best results as they have a high fan base and posting your ads on their page may lead to a great success of your restaurant app as it covers all the viewers you need and ultimately increasing the customer base.


5. Integrated payments

After the selection of the user’s favorite items, he comes to the final step which is payment procedure. Making the payment process easy is very essential for every food delivery app.
The payment process can be made easy and safe by simply giving the various payment option to the user. Sometimes it happens that the user reaches the final step but does not have the payment option he is compatible with so he quits.

Giving various options for the payment like e-wallets, cards, net banking as well as cash on delivery for people who don’t use online transaction can improve your campaign a lot.


6. Notification features

The notification feature is a very accurate feature to keep your user updated about the current status of his orders.

One unique and outstanding feature which an app can have is a live order tracking app which keeps the user updated and craved about his hunger as he gets the information about the location of the driver. It also shows the estimated time for the driver to reach the user’s destination this idea is proved to be very useful and liked by every user of the delivery apps. So it’s just to give ample attention to the notification part during restaurant app development.


7. Customer feedback

Customer feedback is a very crucial factor for every company even if it’s MNC or a startup. By giving the customer feedback and rating option in the app one can know where he lacks and where can he improve.

Converting feedback to feed-forward enhances the app functionality and improves the user experience with the period of time.

Considering customer feedback as a point of improvement has always been a progressive approach towards improving the app.

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Additional Features for Restaurant Mobile Apps

1. Personal user accounts – The personalized user accounts allow the user to save their personal details and can easily access to special rewards and the discount offers. After a successful registration of mobile number, address, and email one can simply go with the further procedure and can add payment options to save the time while transaction.

2. Table Reserving – The table booking feature should also be enabled for the app to give the client a new whole new level of comfort and convenience, which help you build loyal and regular customers by saving their valuable time by reserving tables for them.

3. Discount Coupon/Promos & Rewards – This is a great feature to construct a huge loyal customer base which will keep them engaged towards your app due to a well-planned reward system and eventually helps you to increase your sales and brand value.

4. Real-time Chat Option / Chatbot – Chatbot having a huge advantage can help your customers with their problems 24/7 even in the off-time of business. It makes a clear and supportive brand image for your customers and gives them a sense of comfort.

5. Attractive Image Gallary and Info of Restaurant – Keeping an attractive phone gallery can help your restaurant to grab 20% more attention than the text ads. Remember 1 image = 100 words. Restaurant info like working hours, cuisine, and contact details can help your customer to understand your restaurant, and adding up the images with that can help a lot of engaging more customers and their attention.

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Final words

Mobile apps for the restaurant helps various online food delivery business and restaurants. As they are going with a huge pace can help you out reaching your goals quickly by getting your target audience within your budget.

After reading the blog if you find it interesting and also willing for a food delivery app development of your own you can contact us for the best results.



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