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Amazon Web Services

Are you in Plan of Opening a Virtual office and Think to Linked with your Business operations from any location?

If yes then Amazon Cloud Services will be a handy tool.

AWS web services, is a cloud computing application from Amazon that offers consumers an extensive range of cloud services. Amazon Web Services present consistent, scalable and reasonably priced cloud computing services

AWS has the verified aptitude to convene your precise business needs for scale, operations, security, and obedience. The AWS technology is executed at server farms all through the planet and sustains by the Amazon subsidiary since Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an auxiliary of Amazon.com that offer on-demand cloud computing platforms to persons, companies, and governments, on a paid subscription basis.

Hire AWS Developer to Get Help in AWS Web Services

AWS present could base infrastructures to expand any tradition web applications with all features like scalability, safety, Compute power, Storage etc. Amazon web service endows with many developer-supported services which works function as a service.

AWS Consulting

Migrate To AWS Today, We provide end-to-end AWS Cloud Consulting Services and Move your servers to cost-optimized cloud environs. Our professionals AWS developer will assist to recognize the preferred business outcomes when using the AWS Cloud.
We offer AWS consulting in SysOps, DevOps, and SLA drove cloud. Our talented team has the potential essential to construct, organize and deal with complex cloud architectures on AWS.

AWS Integration

We had a very good hand on set up your apps onto contemporary and personal AWS infrastructure services including craft and manage AWS resources. iGlobsyn Technologies has the experience AWS certified developer who can easily perform application integration permit you to incorporate on-premises and cloud applications, in order to make simpler and alter your organization's business procedure.

AWS Migration

Moving apps to the cloud can be challenging, iGlobsyn Technologies serves you better. Whether you transfer apps to AWS, developing cloud-native apps, or incorporate apps crossways hybrid clouds, our solutions make simpler cloud networking and optimize app recital while giving you back-to-back visibility.

AWS Development

We had a team of talented of Amazon AWS Developer who organize and deal with a search solution for your mobile application or website. Our developers good hand on incorporate Server less API with Amazon Web Services 'API Gateway' that permit customers to focus on their core activities. We permit you to record API calls and send log files to Amazon S3 buckets for storage.

App dependency mapping

App dependency mapping is the procedure of classifying and documenting all the exterior craving of a software application. Application dependency mapping can be done mechanically by a variety of tools or could be physically accumulated by auditing the application code.
App dependency mapping is a vital task when developers generally use visualization tools like Visio to sketch out the structural design of their applications. This consists of mapping out all the dependencies and how they converse to each other. We also identify Risk assessments based on current usage.


Why Team iGlobsyn for AWS Services

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  • Experienced developer team of AWS Solution Architect.
  • Instant Solution for all your AWS needs.
  • Get one of the best Amazon web service development.
  • We also offer top infrastructure Management service.
  • We support all important technologies associated with Amazon web services.


Foundation Cloud services provide you all the computing power

EC2, EC2 Container Service, Lambda, Batch, Lightsail,Elastic Beanstalk



Get reliable, scalable, and secure place for your data in an Amazon cloud storage service.

S3, EFS, Storage Gateway, Glacier



Amazon web service offers a strong choice of database services to best fit the application requirement.

RDS, ElastiCache, Redshift, DynamoDB


Networking & Content Delivery

A set of Amazon networking services

VPC, CloudFront, Direct Connect, Route 53



The best feature of AWS, you can migrate app, services & database to AWS.

Database Migration Service, Migration Hub, Application Discovery Service, Server Migration Service, Snowball, Snowmobile Snowball Edge


Developer Tools

AWS services that are intended to enable DevOps to quickly and securely deliver software.

CodeStar, CodeDeploy, CodeBuild, CodeCommit, CodePipeline,AWS Command Line interface, X-Ray


Management Tools

Advanced AWS management tools for system, IT and developers administrators.

CloudWatch, CloudFormation, CloudTrail, Trusted Advisor, Service Catalog, Config, OpsWorks, Managed Services


Security, Identity & Compliance

Cloud security is the Top priority at AWS

Artifact, Certificate Manager, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Key Management Service (KMS), Identity & Access Management (IAM), Cloud Directory, CloudHSM, Directory Service, Inspector, Organizations, AWS Shield



This service is designed to keep and track every step of the analytics process.

CloudSearch, Athena, QuickSight, Redshift, AWS Glue, EMR, Elasticsearch, Kinesis, Data Pipeline



This service will help with running your video, voice, and email communication activities.

WorkDocs, Amazon Chime, WorkMail


Mobile services

This AWS services allows you to add and configure features for your mobile applications.

Mobile Hub, Mobile Analytics, Cognito, Pinpoin, Device Farm


Internet Of Things

AWS IoT allows you to securely connect devices to the cloud.

AWS IoT, IOT Button, AWS Greengrass


Game Development

Enjoy hosting and gaming engine in the cloud with Game development.

Amazon lumberyard, Amazon GameLift


Application Services

This service allows you to develop, manage and transcode media apps.

SWF, Step Functions, Elastic Transcoder, API Gateway


Desktop and Application Streaming

This allows users to be productive from anywhere on any device.

AppStream 2.0, WorkSpaces


Artificial Intelligence

Know the process to build smart machine learning apps easily

Machine Learning, Polly, Lex, Apache MXnet on AWS, Amazon Deep learning AMIs, Recognition, TensorFlow on AWS

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Hire AWS Developer

Hire AWS Developer

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