Significance of Ecommerce Mobile App development

Significance of Ecommerce Mobile App development

July 28th, 2020 At 5:23 am

The usage of e-commerce on online platforms like the app and website has moved way out of fashion. Merely all the new-age business developers are walking with the technology and have reaped very beneficially for them. Most retailers are moving towards building an eCommerce app by hiring an e-commerce app development company.

By building and launching an app, the eCommerce business owner will have the customers ready shopping any time 24/7. This app works as a bridge for the buyers and sellers worldwide. If you are thinking of going that way you are at the right place this blog will guide you towards making an eCommerce app with all sorts of information.

Some Stats of Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Here are some amazing facts about the m-commerce market worldwide from global analysis, current trends, and prediction.

  • 49% of people do shopping via mobile worldwide.
  • 63% of Americans use their smartphones to get discounts or offers from the in-store purchase.
  • 41.32% of the conversions of the customers are done as a result of an increase in shopping via mobile.
  • $2.3T transactions were made of commerce in the year 2019.
  • The mobile commerce industry is projected to generate revenue of $3.56 T in the year 2021.
  • The m-commerce market sales are foretold to boost by 53.9% by the year 2021.
  • The mobile coupons industry to grow by 56.5% internationally.

So, these stats give an understanding of how beneficial is the hiring eCommerce app development services and how constructive it is going to reap in the future.

Reasons Why your Retail business needs an eCommerce mobile app

Here are the top 3 reasons which will answer the perfectly that why you should opt for the e-commerce app development.

1. Increase sales

Having mobile apps for your e-commerce products store can grow your sales. This app keeps the user engaged with your online store for a longer period of time. It also attracts more customers and builds ample user loyalty. With this long term loyalty and engagement, it eventually increases your sales.

2. Engage your audience faster

Engagement with the audience is the real great advantage of the e-commerce app. It increases the speed and quality of connecting with your audiences and know them better.
As you improve your mobile app usability with better speed, key assets and user-friendliness attract more and more customers to your app. Enhancing their browsing experience as 80% of the time consumed on the smartphone are apps.

3. Achieve greater brand loyalty

Enhancing the app experience that looks and feels which ensures your customer loyalty. The popular marketplaces like amazon have already mastered it by giving an amazing user-friendly experience. These things help you to improve your customer retention and adding new customers by updating the trend and the new features.

Important Things to consider during eCommerce app design and development

1. Business Goal

Before starting e-commerce app development it is very important to know your goal. Making the right choices and figuring out the things by questing yourself how?
Setting the right goals and priorities are very important and help you build a smart marketing priority.


The budget is another crucial thing for app development. It depends on the requirement and the business model you are working on. Some items you can shrink according to your budget while some not. So to choose the budget accordingly and working accordingly is always advisable.

3. Technology uses

The smart use of technologies will help you to create a great user-friendly interface and mobile apps for both android and iOS platforms. Some smart technologies and features like Geofencing, Chatbots, Augmented reality, Big data, Cloud computing may help you achieve targets quickly.

4. Platform selection

You can select the platform according to your requirement that is on iOS or Android depend in upon audience concentration and market analysis. It is always advisable to go for both the platforms so that you don’t miss the audience and get benefits from both the platforms.

5. Simple UI UX

The simple UX/UI design will help your customer to surf better and improve the shopping process. No matter how complicated the system but keeping the user interface simple always helps you and your user extensively.

Ecommerce app development

Basic features of the eCommerce mobile app

Features of e-commerce customer panel app:

  • Product Listing & Cataloguing
  • Product Details with Images & Videos
  • Custom options & Notifications
  • Product Wishlist
  • Comparison Tools for product
  • Add to cart and multiple payment options
  • Tracking Products

Features of e-commerce Vendor Panel:

  • Registration/Login
  • Activity of the Subscription Plan
  • Auto inventory adjustment on the sale
  • Managing Catalogues & Orders
  • product listing and managing

Admin Panel

  • Login Input with proper verification, Login ID & Password
  • Dashboard Administration
  • Manage Users (Customer/Seller)
  • Check Product categories/subcategories
  • Manage Promotions, Rewards, and Points
  • Ordered Products management

Team Structure required for eCommerce app development

Hiring an experienced and professional team for building an e-commerce app is always advisable. Because only the experts will be able to guide you to achieve your targets quickly and efficiently with compelling your requirements. It will also deliver you the best quality of work. As every person as a different and important role in the app development process.

This is the required team structure for bug-free e-commerce mobile app development solutions:

  • Project manager
  • Backend and Front end developers
  • Graphic and UI/UX designers
  • QA professionals
  • Hybrid app developers
  • Android app developers
  • iOS app developers

Get exact cost estimation for your eCommerce app development

Final words

As eCommerce app have made their way to the people’s hearts, many retailers have already launched the e-commerce mobile apps and generating a very huge revenue. As to build an eCommerce app is a complicated process but hiring an eCommerce app development company can make it easy for you.

You should consult a well-known mobile app developer to get your bug-free Amazon like eCommerce app within your budget. Hiring a company with high expertise can only lead to achieving the best results.

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