Take Advantages of Nodejs, AWS Lambda and Serverless to Develop a Light Weight Project

Take Advantages of Nodejs, AWS Lambda and Serverless to Develop a Light Weight Project

November 19th, 2018 At 5:36 am


It is a developmental outlet which openly lets the user to build a fast and flexible web application in JavaScript. This open developmental platform allows its user to create a fast and scalable server application in JavaScript. It has devised with a magnificent I/O technology that has come as revolutionary domination in meeting developer demand of the capable and real-time situation.


Users of Lambda compute service doesn’t have to organize or manage any server to run their code. When the necessity arises the use, code carried out and flake up automatically. The scale abruptly displays from sporadic per day to thousands per second requests. It also comes up with a very good entry free offer for the first 1 million requests. If somehow your request come out after 1 million still you only must pay $0.0000002.


It creates up persistent pivots to design and run application and services without encountering with servers. It befits with some of the world’s biggest cloud suppliers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Open Whisk. Supports to multiple programming lingos as JavaScript, Java, Python shows its versatility.

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Amazon Web Services

It is a branch of services established and dispersed by Amazon.com domain. It deals with enabling on-demand cloud computing platforms to people, companies, and governments in routinely payment basis.

Accessed with this service the user will possess a virtual cascade of computers around him twenty-four hours a day through web networks. This subsidiary of Amazon has revved up the gear as being the on-trend provider of computer power, database drive, application and many other cloud services.

In web cloud computing act as a path to enter server, storage, drives with a large frame of other web services. AWS benefits the user who access it in number of ways. The user does not have to make a lump-sum investment in hardware and doesn’t have to worry about the hardware’s installation and placement.

A Wholesome Troika

A rational mix up of these three IT ingredients will doubtlessly bring up swift and sleek lightweight projects on the obelisk. There will not have any messiness and perplexity as Lambda will precisely deal with billions of request and resolutions. Through the direct channel of Serverless to Amazon Web Services the user will gain tools to create new components in one place. The user can find AWS setting in the Serverless compass.

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