Top 10 Tips for Developing Successful Android App

Top 10 Tips for Developing Successful Android App

September 16th, 2019 At 6:24 am

Android apps are ruling the world today as most people across the globe are using one Android device or the other. Therefore, it is often practical for businesses to invest in getting a powerful Android app that can pack a powerful performance each and every time. If you are a business owner who is keen to reach out to a maximum number of audiences easily, then it is important that you make use of the services and solutions offered by a reputable Android app development company. On the other hand, if you are a mobile app developer and you want to develop your career as a professional, then you should learn about the ways in which you can develop a powerful Android app on your own. This can effectively help you to enhance your demand as an Android app developer and create a resume that is worthy of envy.

Here are some of the most useful tips that you can benefit from when you are looking to create Android apps.

1. Follow Android Guidelines Closely

Google has created a number of guidelines that you should definitely follow as a developer. The role of these guidelines is to maintain uniform consistency of the apps with each other so that Android becomes a large ecosystem of various apps. By complying with these guidelines, you can make your apps user-friendly and easily navigable, which in turn can lead to positive user experiences for your target audience.

2. Make Your Apps to Suit The Needs of your Users

You are not developing apps for your own self but for the needs of your end-users. Therefore, it is important that you make an effort to understand the requirements of your users. Your app should address the concerns and needs of your users and resolve their needs in the most creative manner. Make sure that you stay abreast with the feedback offered by users when you want to improve the receptivity of your app.

3. Stay Fully Aware of your Android Ecosystem

This is more of an obvious fact, but it still needs a mention. You should own and use an Android device so that you are familiar with how it works. You should also make the most use of the Android SDK and join an Android community so that it can help you to develop powerful Android apps for your end-users. By getting an Android device, you can have the technical knowledge and feedback you need when you want to enhance your skills as an Android app developer.

4. Maintain App Consistency at All Times

The Android platform has been an open-source one from the very beginning and this naturally offers app developers a lot of freedom and flexibility when they are looking to create apps. However, such flexibility has also led to the issue of fragmentation. Android apps do run on numerous devices having diversified screen sizes and dimensions. Therefore, as an app developer, you should make sure that the app you create is perfectly consistent across all kinds of devices.

5. Always Stay Updated With The Latest Android Developments

As an app developer, you should stay updated with all the new SDK updates released by Google. This is important because once a new set of SDK update rolls out, you need to come up with new ways and techniques to develop apps so that the end-user experience can be modified and further enhanced. Creating a new and improved app also lets you stay in the competition within the Google Play Store. You can also adhere to the quality standards that your app should meet.

6. Keep your Navigation Features Standard

Even though it is true that you would want your app to be really unique, you should still keep the navigation features standard just as other similar apps so that your users find it easy to use your app. Having an app that is totally out of the world may seem attractive, but it can actually make you lose a lot of your customers. After all, you do not want to get a bad reputation with your app as that can be bad for business.

7. Maintain A Flexible Attitude While Making your App

The most successful app developers always go with the flow when they are looking to create apps. This means that they are always open to changes and modifications that they may need to implement. You should be open to new ideas and learn new things so that your depth of knowledge can actually help you to improve the quality of your app. This can guarantee you enormous success as an app developer.

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8. Learn The Various Technologies Associated With Android App Development

Once you have made up your mind that you are going to become an Android app developer, you should endeavor to learn most if not all types of technologies used for making Android apps. This can help you to get business from people who are looking to hire Android app developer.

9. Decide How you are Going To Make Money With your App

One of the signature aspects of making Android apps involves making money with them. You may consider using advertisements with your apps or have in-app purchases that can do the same for you. Consider the nature of the business and the market for which you are making the app when you want to reap commercial benefits from it.


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10. Promote your App Effectively

Developing an app for the Android ecosystem is not enough; you also need to get noticed when you want more and more people to download it. This is something that you can achieve by optimizing your app for the Google Play Store. Make sure that you use the finest app optimization strategies so that your target audience takes an active interest in your app and the features that it has to offer.


Following these guidelines stated above can really work well when you want to achieve success with your Android mobile app. Therefore, make sure that you follow them for all kinds of Android app development projects.

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