Top 5 iPhone App Development Latest Trends Need to Know

Top 5 iPhone App Development Latest Trends Need to Know

October 3rd, 2019 At 6:25 am

iPhone devices are known for their stellar quality apps which have genuinely improved the experience for the end-users. The highly secure features along with user-friendliness have really made it necessary for businesses to have their own iPhone apps that can augment their enterprise goals. As of 2019, the Apple iTunes Store offers more than 2.2 million apps for iPhone mobile devices with more than 10 apps already crossing the 100+ million downloads mark. Such trends have really enhanced the value of the solutions offered by an iPhone app development company.

Compared to Android apps, the iPhone apps feature a greater range of high-end technological amenities which make them much more robust, secure and feature-rich. The latest iPhone App Development Trends have paved the way for numerous innovative technologies that can further add to the efficiency of these apps. Let’s have a closer look at some of these trends.

1. Augmented Reality

In 2017, Apple launched its Augmented Reality or AR concept with iOS 11 which immediately captivated all the professional iPhone app developers. The ARKit framework developed by Apple is equipped with high-end technology which opens up a lot of doors for the app developers. The recent developments carried out in the ARKit framework make it possible to work with an AR interface that can effectively interact with MAP. Apple Maps is empowered with newer patent applications that ultimately enable iPhone users to smoothly navigate around various unfamiliar locations.

2. Swift 5.1

Swift 5.1 was launched recently in 2019 and it is one of the newer entries in the iOS ecosystem. It is perfectly set to offer a range of new updates that can benefit both iOS app developers as well as the iPhone owners who use those apps. The Application Binary Interface or ABI that comes with Swift 5.1 has a stable technology, which means that iPhone app developers now have access to improved embedded mechanisms to Swift libraries operating in runtime. This can make it easier for the app developers to come up with better iOS apps as they work with Swift 5.1.

3. Set Spotlights on iPhone App Security

Mobile applications now have far and wide reaches which often spans across the globe. Due to this reason, there is now a greater need for app security than ever before. Over the years, Apple has greatly emphasized app security so that a stronger base of global iPhone users can be built that would love the numerous secure features Apple can offer. This can make it practically impossible for hackers to break through the app security features. Since Apple has made App Transport Security or ATS a compulsory feature, the latest apps that are found in Apple come with robust security features. It is believed that the strength of these security features is only going to increase with time.

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4. WatchOS 5

Apple Smartwatch sold the maximum number of units in 2018 with sales exceeding 3.5 million. This has really made it important for iOS app developers to come up with state of the art mobile app technology that can be leveraged for Apple Smartwatch. Watches 5 has been a recently launched technology that has got numerous great features for the Siri watch face as well as audio controls which can elevate the overall user experience.

5. Apple Pay Integration

With more and more people choosing to use mobile wallets for their payments, there is now a greater need for Apple Pay Integration than ever before. Numerous apps on the Apple iTunes Store already require payment gateway integration. There are also premium versions of apps that require in-app purchases. Now users have the option of integrating the Apple Pay digital wallet when they are looking to make online payments. Apple Pay wallet functions as a highly secured digital wallet which makes it possible for the users to carry out multiple payments for numerous mobile applications on all kinds of iOS devices like the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and MacBook. Users can store their bank and card details safely with the Apple Pay wallet.


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Once you have decided to hire iPhone app developer, you should definitely look out for the above-mentioned technologies and see to it that the developer you choose is skilled at working with them.

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