Top 7 Advantages of Choosing MEAN Stack for Web Development

Top 7 Advantages of Choosing MEAN Stack for Web Development

January 28th, 2020 At 8:22 am

Web developers make use of a wide range of tools and programs when it comes to attaining the best results with their web development goals. However, all web developers face certain challenges pertaining to their work every now and then and one of them is definitely keeping up with the new technologies being introduced all the time.

The technology used for making websites always gets upgraded at regular intervals and hence web developers must choose programs that provide them with the flexibility they need to function more efficiently. While choosing a JavaScript framework for web development, the developers must opt for a program that enables them to achieve the best results each time. It is exactly here that the MEAN Stack comes in.

What is MEAN Stack?

The MEAN stack has over the years become a gold standard for any developer who yearns to work with the JavaScript framework. Whether you are looking to create a website for some startup business firm or a reputed organization, you can definitely expect the best results when you choose to work with MEAN stack.

Both backend and frontend developers love working with JavaScript framework since it can help greatly with the overall web development process. The MEAN stack works like a type of open-source software that can be used for a diverse range of projects. It is made up of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js and the initials of every web development tool make up the MEAN Stack. The high efficiency of the MEAN Stack has now led to the widespread demand of solutions offered by the MEAN Stack developers.

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Let us discuss the top 7 advantages of using MEAN Stack for your website project

1. MEAN makes it easy to switch between the client and the server

It is easy, fast and simple to use MEAN sack when you are looking to create a website. This is because you only need to write the coding in JavaScript for both the client-side and the server-side. By having a professional JavaScript specialist to work on your project, you can definitely reap the best benefits of using MEAN Stack. Using Node.js can allow your developers to deploy various applications directly on a server without any need of having them deployed on some stand-alone server.

2. It is extremely flexible

With MEAN, you can easily test the functioning of an application on the cloud platform once you have developed it successfully. MEAN Stack allows developers to create, introduce and test applications in the cloud. You can also add a field to the form when you want to add some extra information. MongoDB is ideally made for the cloud and offers benefits like automatic replication and complete cluster support.

3. MEAN allows isomorphic coding 

When you use the MEAN Stack, you can easily transfer the code from one framework to another. This makes MEAN Stack an extremely user-friendly web development tool. Since isomorphic coding is made possible with MEAN, developers can achieve optimum results at a short span of time by choosing to work with it.

4. MEAN makes use of JSON

MEAN makes use of JSON or JavaScript Object Notation where it is closely associated with NodeJS as well as AngularJS. MongoDB is also a type of component-oriented relational database that enables users to save their documents in the JSON format. It is however limited to only intermediate or small level companies. The developers love to work with MEAN stack during the various stages of web and application development.

5. It is open-source and offers cloud support 

The technologies that come with the MEAN stack are open source which means that they are available for free. This means that web developers can have access to public repositories and libraries when they are looking to work on a project. This can definitely bring down the cost of development. With the help of MongoDB, it is possible to deploy different types of cloud functionalities in an app by bringing down the cost of disk space.

6. High Speed and excellent reusability

Node.js is extremely speedy and ascendable due to its superior non-blocking architecture. The Angular.js works as an open-source and powerful JavaScript framework that provides maintenance, reusability, and testability. The powerful directives associated with this framework make it possible to achieve great testability along with ease of use for the domain-specific language.

7. It is cost-effective

When you use MEAN stack to develop apps, you can be sure of the fact that it is going to cost you much less than the norm. Therefore you should definitely choose to work with MEAN Stack.

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Wrap Up

Once you have decided to make use of MEAN stack development services to have your website developed, you should definitely get in touch with iGlobsyn – a leading MEAN Stack Development Company that is capable of delivering you the best solutions. The professionals have the skill and efficiency to create stunning websites for you with powerful MEAN Stack Development solutions.

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