Top Mobile App Security Practices You Need to Know

Top Mobile App Security Practices You Need to Know

August 2nd, 2019 At 7:00 am

Mobile apps are nowadays used to accomplish all sorts of functions, starting from booking air tickets and hotels to buying clothes online. In fact, the widespread usage of smartphones has completely changed the way we conduct business and stay in touch.

Researchers now suggest that more people these days stay connected to the web than the number of people in most countries. However, this has also made it important for app developers to implement enhanced security features in the apps that they create. Whether it is an Android app or an iOS app, they should be built in a way so as to safeguard them completely from possible hacking attempts.

Criminals are always looking to hack into apps for stealing banking information and other vital data that can lead to intellectual property theft, damage of brand reputation and bank frauds. Mobile app developers should focus on protecting the data of consumers with Android and ios app security best practices so that both consumers and businesses can have a smooth and seamless experience while using mobile apps.

Mobile App Security Best Practices

Here are some mobile app security best practices that every mobile app development company should be aware of.

1. Security Measures That Can Be Implemented at the Early Stages

During the early stages of the app development procedure, the app developers must come up with a detailed security checklist that can help in overseeing the various stages and scenarios associated with the creation of the app. By implementing security procedures early, it is possible to curb any chances of potential hacks and data threats and resolve them prior to deployment.

When a thorough mobile app security checklist is created right at the beginning, it can help in cutting down future costs that arise from errors and security threats. A clear cut software development lifecycle can enhance overall developmental security. In this way, security checks are carried out at the end of each and every developmental stage so that vulnerabilities are detected at the early stages.

2. Strong User Authentication

One of the major problem areas that lead to security breaches with mobile apps is weak user authentication. One of the ways in which the security of the mobile app can be enhanced is by asking the user to create a password that includes a combination of letters and numbers. Another way of improving the security of the apps is by using two-factor security checks, biometric security, and a highly effective multifactor authentication technology.

Nowadays the majority of the app development companies prefer to use this technology as it is very dependable. The method is particularly preferred for making apps that involve financial transactions, like banking apps and online shopping apps.

3. Data Protection to Prevent Interception During Transit

Mobile App Data Protection

A lot of mobile apps operate on a client-server basis, which means that data always keeps on flowing between the two entities. When such data transference is carried out, hackers can manage to intercept the confidential data. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent that from happening.

Mobile app developers should come up with ways to protect data from intrusion whether it is at rest or in transit. Apart from implementing encryption methods to protect the data that is handled by the app, it is also necessary to make use of SSL certificate as that can ensure enhanced protection.

4. Data Encryption

End to end data encryption helps to protect any data that is being stolen by the hackers. This method helps to make sure that the information that is whipped cannot be deciphered and used by anyone else. The company responsible for making mobile apps should make sure that the data is never decrypted without exclusive user end permission. The users should also make sure that the data is never made public under any circumstances.

5. Back-end Systems Protection

The back-end systems used by most of the app development companies were revealed to the outsiders when they worked on their very first mobile app. The problem with these back-end systems is that they are not at all secure since they were never made to withstand the pressures and risks posed by external hackers. Therefore, it is important that business owners should take the time out to find reliable and dedicated developers who can create security strategies for such weak and vulnerable back-end systems so that no data leaks result from them.

6. Frequent Security Checks and Verifications

Frequent security checks

Mobile app developers should make use of different types of security testing tools which can scan codes automatically and see if there are any kinds of threats. Such security verifications can be carried out very fast and they are also known to be extremely effective. Both manuals, as well as automatic testing, should be carried out regularly.

Following these mobile app security best practices while creating apps is going to go a long way in ensuring data protection and security for all apps that are used by businesses and consumers.

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