Top 5 Reasons to Choose Node.js for Your Next Project

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Node.js for Your Next Project

July 23rd, 2019 At 8:34 am

Node.JS is one of the most widely used JavaScript runtime environments used for web development and application development projects. The real-time application running features offered by Node.JS is not only extremely user-friendly but can also provide with a range of powerful benefits.

Since Node.JS is an open-source program, developing websites and applications become a lot more pocket-friendly for even startups and small business firms.

The wide range of tools that come with Node.JS makes it a lot easier for the developers to come up with powerful products that their clients can enjoy for a long time. A professional NodeJS development company makes use of the diverse features that come with Node.JS to create stellar applications.

Here are some of the reasons for which you should consider using Node.JS for your next project.

1. Node.Js Offers Extremely Fast Development Experience

Node.JS makes use of Google V8 engines for carrying out its developmental works. Google engines V8 can compile the JavaScript into native code. This machine code runs at a very high speed and it is due to this reason that Node.JS helps to enhance the speed of the framework used for developmental purposes.

With the help of Node.JS, it is possible to create flexible and easy to use network applications within a very short time. These applications can turn to manage different types of parallel connections while at the same time deliver very high output. Numerous well-known brands like PayPal and Netflix make use of Node.JS for their application.

2. Node.Js Helps in Smart Code Sharing

Node.JS comes with NPM or Node Package Manager which has a stack of more than 50000 bundles that makes it a lot easier for the developers to come up with successful arrangements for various projects. The inbuilt NPM helps developers to share, reuse and/or refresh quite easily.

The Node.JS bundles not only offer plenty of designing flexibility to the developers but also help to save a lot of time. These bundles also make it possible for them to make the best use of their creative skills.

3. Node.Js Can Help in Carrying Out Real-Time Development Of Web Applications

The incredible features of Node.JS make it easier for creating real-time applications like gaming and chatting apps. Node.JS also works beautifully when it comes to developing programs requiring a powerful event-based server. It can also work well for all types of non-blocking driven servers.

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4. Node.Js Offers the Best Data Streaming Features

The web frameworks typically treat the various HTTP requests and/or responses as standard whole data objects. With Node.JS, it is possible to handle I/O in a smooth and efficient manner. For this reason, developers always prefer working with Node.JS since it can help in creating great things. It is possible to smoothly transcode the audio/video file as and when they are getting uploaded. Node.JS can also be used for reading and writing stream to the WebSockets in a way that streams can be read and written on HTTP.

5. Node.Js Offers A Single Code Base for Handling Real-Time Web Application Development

real time web application development with Nodejs

Developers working with Node.JS write the JavaScript for client and server, thus making it a lot easier to transport data between server end and client end for optimum synchronization.

These above factors make it practically beneficial to work with Node.JS while working on an application development project. However, the advantages of Node.JS are not only limited to what is discussed above. There are also many other positive benefits, some of which are stated below.

    • Most web developers know how to work with JavaScript which means that it won’t be difficult for you to get a good developer who is skilled at all facets of Node.JS development. The ample number of choices also means that you can find a reliable and efficient developer for your needs with the least difficulty.


    • Companies offering Nodejs development services have easy access to support solutions which enable them to cater to the specific demands of their clients in a better way.


    • Node.JS is perfect for carrying out extensive hosting work. Whether it is an eCommerce portal or a platform as a service module, it can be really beneficial to go with Node.JS for hosting purposes.


These factors described above make it advantageous to work with Node.JS for application development projects.

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