Why Mobile App is Important For your Business?

Why Mobile App is Important For your Business?

December 12th, 2018 At 10:09 am

With busy lives and hectic schedules, it’s crucial for a business to be connected to its customers 24-7. The best way to communicate with them is by means of a mobile app. A mobile app in the customer’s phone can act as an advertisement or a reminder of being connected with the business. Believe it or not, mobile app development has struck the world within a few years. Like for instance, Google Play store is home to more than 3.5 million apps, whereas, the App Store houses over 2.2 million apps as per Statista figures.

Mobile app development has taken even small and local businesses by a wave. They are now tempted to have their app, as it increases their clientele and brand name.

Other than this, there are a few more benefits of mobile app development discussed ahead:

1. Improving Brand Visibility

It’s very important to be connected to the customer at all the times. Not only reaching out but being connected in an easy way for the customers to connect with the business whenever they need to.

If you are still on the mobile website, a lot of times, the website takes time to load? Or even there is a possibility of the user forgetting the URL name? However, the app will always remain the phone, well until you do not delete it. It will also show you notifications and updates of any new products, services or changes in the app. Even better, whenever anyone opens up the app store or play store, your app will be visible to the potential customers. So, many people will remember your brand name. Hence, help in improving brand visibility.

2. Engaging the Customer

Customer engagement and retention are the biggest challenges. With a lot of competition all around, consumers are looking for better options. Hooking them to a single brand can be an enormous task. A mobile app makes this a bit easier.

By creating an app, a business ensures that they offer real-time updates of services and products to the customers. The notifications popping on the customer’s phone will enable them to see any special sales and promotions. The push notifications will help you build a direct interaction with the customers.

A mobile app can easily direct your customers to your business social network, which will help them to be updated and engaged with your business.

3. Inculcate Loyalty
Inculcate Loyalty

Customer loyalty and retention are a challenge that each business is facing. Every business is struggling to leave a mark on the customer’s mind by advertising and by after sales service, whether it is facebook ads, billboards, tv ads or any other advertising form. Making the customer come back is the main task. Businesses can induce loyalty by ditching the old card collection system and adding reward collection via your mobile app. You can offer special discounts to app customers. Many companies also collect statistics from the app usage and send offers based on consumers need.

4. Improvements in Business Processes

If you are thinking an app can only connect to your customers, an app for the employees can be a great boon. An intra app for employees of a business can be a great way to improve team interaction and coordination. Think all your employees are connected with the same app and can be reached anytime.

Mobile apps can be effectively used for organization and automation of multiple business tasks like exchanging data and files, sharing stats or managing an inevitable process. An uninterrupted interaction between the company’s employees can be a significant factor in improving business productivity and operations.

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Well, if you are thinking just mobile app development will multiply your business ten folds. Then, that’s not true. But we can ensure you it will make you future ready and secure your brand name. However, mobile app development needs a lot of coding knowledge and different platforms to work efficiently.

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