Why React Native More in Demand Nowadays?

Why React Native More in Demand Nowadays?

August 8th, 2019 At 5:02 am

The technological world has seen massive developments over the last few years. One of the sectors in which unparalleled growth has been observed in the recent past is certainly the mobile application development field. Users all over the world nowadays expect to have the best apps that stand out for their flawless performance, smooth navigation and brilliant aesthetical appeal. This has naturally increased the demand for high-end tools and application development infrastructure that can help in coming up with state of the art applications.

One of the tools that are used extensively by application developers these days to achieve flawless results is React Native. React Native can be described as a powerful JavaScript framework that can be used for creating mobile applications for both iOS and Android. The high quality of mobile applications that can be developed with React Native makes it high on demand these days.

React Native Demand

So let’s carefully analyze the factors that have led to the widespread demand for React Native development services.

1. Excellent Cross-Platform Compatibility

React Native was created by Facebook to be used for iOS. Nevertheless, over the due course of time, the usability of React Native features and tools were extended to include Android apps as well. Most of the React Native APIs these days are cross-platform and so the developers can create both Android and iOS apps by using a single codebase React Native. This JavaScript framework can also help you to smoothly embed native code any time you want to implement a powerful platform-oriented authenticity to an app. Such benefits can greatly bring down the development costs in a major way and also bring down the time needed for development.

Whether you are keen on making cross-platform apps or platform-specific apps, you can benefit greatly from using React Native. By choosing to React Native, you get to take advantage of its platform-specific file extensions and platform modules. The platform-specific file extensions can help in choosing appropriate files suited for the OS on which an app is running.

2. Quick Live Updates

One of the best advantages of working with React Native is that it offers you Live Updates that can enhance the performance of the apps. Using JavaScript in a smart and effective manner allows the developers to send the updated directly to the phones using the apps instead of actually working with the updating cycle of the app store. The process of having instant live updates simplifies the app update management and users do not have to keep on using older versions of the apps as soon as possible. React Native also helps to ensure that the whole procedure is streamlined in an effective manner.

Why React Native Popular?


3. Native Functionality

Mobile apps crafted with the help of React Native can work as good as any standard iOS or Android native app. As a developer, you may want to enhance the usability or keyboard behavior of your app and you can certainly do that when you use React Native. It is a well-known fact that superior animations and scroll accelerations can naturally enhance the widespread acceptance of your app. By using React Native you can create a powerful and engaging user interface equipped with native widgets capable of delivering a flawless performance.

When React Native is used with JavaScript, it can help in the smooth running of complex apps. They can also deliver better performance than real native apps. So if you are looking to create apps that definitely deliver a competitive advantage over similar apps, then React Native can be particularly beneficial.

4. React Native is Easy to Master

One of the major reasons that have led to the popularity of React Native is that it is easy to learn and many new and inexperienced developers are attracted to React Native precisely for that reason. If you are a new developer who is looking to strengthen your roots, you should definitely focus on React Native as it can offer you really great career opportunities.

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Wrap Up

Considering these above-mentioned benefits of using React Native can be particularly advantageous to you when you want to hire React Native developer for your project. Learning about these benefits can actually make you confident about your decision to get the best React Native developers.

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