Telemedicine App Development: Benefits, Features and Costs

Telemedicine App Development: Benefits, Features and Costs

July 15th, 2020 At 12:35 pm

Medications are the most important part for everyone and to keep a note of it is always necessary. Sometimes you feel unwell suddenly and you think what to do? Here the telemedicine app comes to play as a savior.

Like all on-demand apps, telemedicine apps also in huge demand. By this on-demand doctor app, doctors and patients can stay in touch with each other and simplify the consultation process.

Also, the doctors no longer need a private space for practicing, hospitals can reduce their readmission rate and powerful distributing services. In a survey by Statista, it predicted that the telemedicine market size would increase to $41.2 billion by 2021.

Benefits of Building Telemedicine App

1. Medical services availability

At some places especially in the rural areas have no access to the clinics. In these remote places if someone is accused of some normal or a severe disease it can cause fatal harm to him. At this point, the app comes to play and can save kids, aged, and veterans safely.

2. Time-saving & convenient medical care

Spending time going to the hospitals and waiting for the consultation of the doctor seems very time-consuming. By the telemedicine app, one can easily take the appointment from the doctor according to the convenience of the patient.

By this, the treatment can start very quickly and the necessary steps can be taken. It also turns out to be very useful in times of emergency.

3. Keeping Medical record

The medical records are very important while treating medical patients. Keeping these medical records become difficult without the app but becomes very easy with the app. It also helps the doctors to share the patient data for better treatment and prescription.

4. Patient management

The telemedicine app you out with consultation with the doctor smoothly, prescription updates, digital disease monitoring system, and many of the exclusive features.

5. Easy administrative operations

By the telemedicine, more time can be given to the actual task. No time is wasted filling the form and other documentation processes it can be done through the automation process.

How does a telemedicine mobile app work?

Step 1: Login process and the description of the symptoms by the patient.

Step 2: According to the symptoms, the app searched the particular specialist for the patient.

Step 3: After searching for the doctor the patient can easily schedule video consultation with the in-app calendar.

Step 4: In the video call doctor converses with the patient to ask about his problems and accordingly give him prescriptions, lab tests, and further treatments.

Step 5: After the video meetings end the customer can pay online through the internal payment gateways with prescribed medicines and doctor recommendations.

on demand doctor app

Telemedicine App Models & Key Features

There are basically 2 models of the telemedicine app development for patients and doctors.

Telemedicine app features for patients app

  • Registration – Easy registration procedure simply by social media, mobile number, or e-mail. For a safer option, the two-factor verification is also recommended for the app.
  • User Profile – Patient profile plays an important role in managing the digital data which includes previous records and other necessary information to be known by the doctor.
  • Smart search – Search option to make it convenient for the patient to search for a specialist according to his requirement.
  • Appointment with the doctor – Digital appointments are the most important part of the app which includes the feature that allows the user to book an appointment with the doctor which he has chosen.
  • Video Call – Video communication features allow the user to converse with the doctor. It can be done via video calls, audio calls, or photo-sharing according to the requirements.
  • Multiple Payment Option – The integrated payments can also be added in the app so that the patient can pay via multiple payment gateways like a credit card, net banking, etc.
  • Rating or Feedback – Rating and review is the must-have feature in this app. With the help of this, you can enhance the app quality and solve customer problems.
  • Medication reminder – The medication tracking feature will allow reminding the patient to take the medicine on time via push notifications.
  • Real-time chat – The secure one-to-one chats with the patient is a great tool for communication between doctor and patient.

Features of telemedicine app for doctors

  • Doctor profile – It shows the information about the doctor that is his qualification, specialization, etc. the verification can only be done if he has a valid license.
  • Schedule – The doctor should be able to know the completed and the pending consultations with the patient.
  • EHR review – The Doctor can view the patient’s previous records to suggest the required treatment.
  • Prescription – The doctor can give the patient the medicated prescription digitally so that he can go and buy it from a healthcare shop accordingly.

How much does it cost to develop a telemedicine app?

It is necessary to estimate the doctor on-demand app cost and the budget allocation required for the same.

The telemedicine app development costs highly depend on its functionality, on how many platforms it is made on, development approach, and required mobile app developers team.

Although considering the estimate to create on-demand doctor apps on both platforms on iOS as well as Android the cost would be around $20000 – $25000.

Get exact cost estimation based on your budget for telemedicine app development

Final Words

If you are too willing to make a telemedicine app then consult us to get the exact cost estimate of the app according to your budget and the requirements. iGlobsyn has good experience in developing the healthcare industry mobile app development.


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